CBRN explosion on cruise ship

Reward and Precondition Value
Average credits 40000
Requirements for Water Rescue station 1

Cruise ship dock

Required Fire Stations 25
Required Ambulance Stations 35
Requirement of Police Stations 10
Required fire boat docks 3
Required rescue boat docks 2
Required Federal Police Stations 2
Requirement of Water Police Expansions 1
Requirement of ATF Expansions 1
Generated by Fire station
Vehicle and Personnel Requirements Value
Required Firetrucks 22
Required Platform Trucks 5
Required Battalion Chief Vehicles 4
Required Mobile Command Vehicles 2
Required Mobile Air Vehicles 3
Required Heavy Rescue Vehicles 5
Required HazMat Vehicles 3
Required Police Cars 18
Required K-9 Units 2
Required Light Boats 4
Required large rescue boats 3
Required large fire boats 3
Required Sheriffs 3
Required FBI Units 4
Required FBI Investigation wagons 1
Required FBI Mobile Command Centers 1
Required FBI Bomb Technician vehicles 2
Required Fire Investigation Units 4
Required Patrol Boats 2
Required ATF Units 2
Required ATF Lab Vehicles 1
Foam required 550
Other information Value
Required SWAT Personnel 6
Required Personnel 16x HazMat
Max. Patients 100
Patient Specializations Traumatology
Probability that a patient has to be transported 40
Minimum patient number 50
Helicopter request chance 10