Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
784,497,590 Credits teufelchen is offline. teufelchen familie
Discord 503,651,870 Credits Rroger2015 is offline. Rroger2015 Worldwide Dispatch Community
Brush_one 443,474,064 Credits FFhicks is offline. FFhicks MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
Scan_5 398,359,318 Credits wolfman450 is offline. wolfman450 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
338,543,463 Credits dachris is offline. dachris Central Jersey Mutual Aid
309,221,675 Credits firefightervfd is offline. firefightervfd United States Fire Alliance
Fnsb_hazmat 288,341,057 Credits Imaxthe2 is offline. Imaxthe2 National Fire ProtectionAgency
911 285,688,035 Credits Shifty277 is offline. Shifty277 U.S. National Dispatch
Kobayashi 250,540,901 Credits VI-118 is online. VI-118 Can-US First Responders (CAFR)
240,616,371 Credits holaf1993 is offline. holaf1993 Central Dispatch Chicago
237,488,223 Credits lopes44 is online. lopes44 1117 Portugal
232,375,880 Credits Forest998 is online. Forest998 Poland 112
230,043,026 Credits Saldanha4 is offline. Saldanha4 1117 Portugal
25440290_10155221645891868_2738283230663910623_o 188,094,262 Credits fireguy1717 is offline. fireguy1717 Code 4
180,571,497 Credits youngbuck393 is offline. youngbuck393 SCC911
Fffffffff 175,941,108 Credits TACRfan is offline. TACRfan 999 First Responders
Judo 166,092,346 Credits Littlefoot is offline. Littlefoot Scottish Fire Service
911-logo 163,519,182 Credits EmergencyDispatch911 is offline. EmergencyDispatch911 U.S Emergency Alliance
161,296,024 Credits Beven is offline. Beven U.S. Emergency Services
Msp-logo 154,769,291 Credits MSP is offline. MSP U.S. Emergency Services