Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
60,459,891 Credits alfredalfeld is offline. alfredalfeld
Dsc00380 60,445,767 Credits kieronSE999V2 is offline. kieronSE999V2 South East Coast Alliance
60,433,036 Credits Marco_ale is offline. Marco_ale NORD ITALIA 112
59,318,371 Credits Jrich0001 is offline. Jrich0001 U.S. National Dispatch
59,212,550 Credits khaught89 is offline. khaught89 U.S. Emergency Services
58,645,990 Credits kb9ora is offline. kb9ora U.S. Emergency Services
58,530,758 Credits Jwillard9206 is offline. Jwillard9206 U.S. Emergency Services
57,916,109 Credits John101 is offline. John101
Class_66 57,754,060 Credits EFD850 is offline. EFD850 U.S. Emergency Services
57,669,737 Credits cb9ffemt is offline. cb9ffemt LVFC Co.9
0c8bcdd5-8ea5-4d09-a3fe-09db07c4cc15 57,568,200 Credits Stow is offline. Stow Alliance of southern Florida
57,474,319 Credits Moresti is online. Moresti U.S. Emergency Services
200px-sle_logo.svg 57,402,249 Credits Truck538 is offline. Truck538 The Syndicate
Emblemat_psp 57,334,492 Credits Zreti345 is offline. Zreti345 Poland 112
13895284_517551931765046_7127703439620773590_n 57,232,121 Credits ChiefAleksander is offline. ChiefAleksander Norwegian Emergency Services
001_(10) 57,139,360 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
Admin 57,059,132 Credits StuartA1984 is offline. StuartA1984 United Nation Responders
56,822,489 Credits Mark5 is offline. Mark5 U.S. Task Force 1
56,661,364 Credits apanhas is offline. apanhas 1117 Portugal
Screenshot_2018-10-18_at_07.56.30 56,424,173 Credits TFP499 is offline. TFP499 The Syndicate