Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
46,808,460 Credits david3924 is offline. david3924 Southwest Ohio & Northern Ky
46,106,900 Credits Policefreak55 is offline. Policefreak55 State of Emergency
45,961,156 Credits nik95 is offline. nik95 NordItalyEmergency
45,627,442 Credits Yasu1211 is offline. Yasu1211
45,591,175 Credits Badgermedic is offline. Badgermedic West Wales Emergency Group
Profileigrade256256 45,522,159 Credits festivalmatt is offline. festivalmatt
45,443,128 Credits Rotoruafireguy2 is offline. Rotoruafireguy2 U.S. National Dispatch
45,047,386 Credits Lifesaver is offline. Lifesaver U.S. National Dispatch
44,996,937 Credits simonc is offline. simonc
44,690,367 Credits FFMFR51 is offline. FFMFR51 Thomas Safety inc.
44,637,938 Credits Neca08082003 is offline. Neca08082003 U.S. National Dispatch
44,579,427 Credits andreab is offline. andreab Team112 Italy
1bb9cec8-ab73-41f1-8633-921500ddbe54 44,449,506 Credits ffeppley70 is offline. ffeppley70 NE USA Emergency Services
44,401,960 Credits realjessey is offline. realjessey
44,337,138 Credits Benjamin82 is offline. Benjamin82 U.S. National Dispatch
Beautiful__sunset 44,170,576 Credits Smsteph is offline. Smsteph The Thin blue line
43,997,169 Credits WNYfirefighter is offline. WNYfirefighter New York State Area Alliance
Mc_joint_forces 43,952,554 Credits Officer-Grimm is offline. Officer-Grimm U.S. Emergency Services
43,876,362 Credits Whiterosecity is offline. Whiterosecity York County Squad
43,699,515 Credits Coco-mg is offline. Coco-mg Squad 29