Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Fffffffff 220,526,466 Credits TACRfan is offline. TACRfan Lindor React 70% Alcohol
1850-derbfrs-png 220,233,098 Credits DFRS999 is offline. DFRS999 UK Emergency Alliance
219,171,208 Credits Probie_Roby is offline. Probie_Roby North American Fire and Rescue
218,815,927 Credits Military_Joe14 is online. Military_Joe14 North American Fire and Rescue
216,226,289 Credits LACountyFD is offline. LACountyFD
884fbe02-d790-4423-8f48-13e45fcc014e 213,694,053 Credits Jrr0083 is offline. Jrr0083 Worldwide Dispatch Services
Fb_img_1605338426174 210,355,547 Credits Anthony-of-Exeter is online. Anthony-of-Exeter North American Fire and Rescue
0258544570769bb8c9354f73e1337cec 209,599,871 Credits BrooklynDispatch is offline. BrooklynDispatch Code 4
209,457,599 Credits Lan514 is online. Lan514 Worldwide Dispatch Services
July_4_2022 209,208,455 Credits 34408Sam is offline. 34408Sam U.S. Emergency Services
208,538,783 Credits Fogest is offline. Fogest Worldwide Dispatch Services
30443315_1823649454351740_1061173070359691264_n 208,344,525 Credits RCelestino1150 is offline. RCelestino1150 Worldwide Dispatch Services
207,852,769 Credits Woodsdx69 is offline. Woodsdx69 Allied Responders
207,740,962 Credits Dryoung17 is offline. Dryoung17 U.S. Emergency Services
205,347,974 Credits B_McSchimmy is online. B_McSchimmy Worldwide Dispatch Services
Img_20200811_013741 205,299,031 Credits atl is offline. atl Worldwide Dispatch Services
Dcc43c1613006916b3a1d9c9166e2463 204,542,992 Credits FireRaven is offline. FireRaven
203,562,421 Credits BcAnimalcop03 is offline. BcAnimalcop03 U.S. Emergency Services
202,051,278 Credits WNYfirefighter is offline. WNYfirefighter New York State Area Alliance
201,909,590 Credits Sherlock0815 is offline. Sherlock0815 U.S. Emergency Services