Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Illianacrest 75,107,529 Credits Johnshobe3 is offline. Johnshobe3 ILLIANA
75,075,571 Credits SirDj is offline. SirDj Office Of Emergency Management
74,888,456 Credits Orreo44 is online. Orreo44 Worldwide Dispatch Services
74,792,428 Credits Ladder-83 is offline. Ladder-83 Utah Task Force 1
74,788,324 Credits DarthDispatcher280 is online. DarthDispatcher280 SCC911
74,742,609 Credits Danielson is offline. Danielson Worldwide Dispatch Services
74,528,662 Credits FireStationBuilder1 is offline. FireStationBuilder1 North American OEM
160174504978758362.gif_copy_(4) 74,290,862 Credits D_Hayes is online. D_Hayes US Emergency First Responders
74,041,612 Credits jacre113 is offline. jacre113 573'S 911 MEMBERS
Dep-chief2 73,920,375 Credits Ghostshark27 is offline. Ghostshark27
73,828,414 Credits WNYfirefighter is offline. WNYfirefighter New York State Area Alliance
E3a6be38-06c6-46e2-9d29-f194bab6cd0e 73,333,908 Credits Egan is offline. Egan
73,186,303 Credits Mark5 is offline. Mark5 Mid-Atlantic Task Force
Unnamed-150x150 73,133,430 Credits fireman911md is offline. fireman911md Nationwide 911
72,979,836 Credits cafrica is offline. cafrica GVCC - Order out of Chaos
Da999afe-f5ca-40a4-ad92-e664511a3a4c 72,907,111 Credits LifeFlight is online. LifeFlight U.S. Emergency Services
72,817,251 Credits Killinghero is offline. Killinghero Can-Am First Responders (CAFR)
8006 72,688,134 Credits fireproof343 is online. fireproof343 The Syndicate
72,541,913 Credits bjoseph87 is offline. bjoseph87 The Syndicate
Images.jpeg 72,259,216 Credits WestVAFireman is offline. WestVAFireman The Syndicate