Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
175,211,150 Credits Slarow is offline. Slarow U.S. Emergency Services
173,957,174 Credits Sherlock0815 is offline. Sherlock0815 U.S. Emergency Services
Fb_img_1474300612891 164,223,827 Credits Grubber33270 is offline. Grubber33270 Great Lakes Public Safety
160,294,626 Credits Doki83 is offline. Doki83 The Syndicate
Vcot_l200 156,618,411 Credits Semas679 is offline. Semas679 Bombeiros da Tuga
Msp-logo 154,803,601 Credits MSP is offline. MSP U.S. Emergency Services
152,970,737 Credits jeffers9000 is offline. jeffers9000 Aber Links
Logo 151,516,936 Credits MikeIndiaKiloEcho is offline. MikeIndiaKiloEcho
3213 149,564,083 Credits Ash is offline. Ash UK Emergency Services
146,496,070 Credits BcAnimalcop03 is offline. BcAnimalcop03 U.S. Emergency Services
8f30d1ea-040b-4ef7-ac91-025a209785a3 146,271,100 Credits Junior is offline. Junior UK Emergency Services
Mouse_and_cheese 145,475,061 Credits mouserc444 is offline. mouserc444 USOEM
144,570,175 Credits LBNY is online. LBNY The Syndicate
Baltimore_city_fd_truck_1_ebay2_1024x1024 143,849,437 Credits FireRaven is offline. FireRaven #JOBTOWN
143,216,949 Credits ramillinicolo is offline. ramillinicolo Team112 Italy
142,815,529 Credits Havoc88 is offline. Havoc88 Poland 112
140,132,752 Credits Orso13 is offline. Orso13 Team112 Italy
Wizz_badge 136,734,171 Credits WizzLA is offline. WizzLA U.S. Emergency Services
136,632,745 Credits JeremyBK40 is offline. JeremyBK40 PA REGION 13
132,753,861 Credits DannyCFO9011 is offline. DannyCFO9011 Clan OG