Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
338,343,437 Credits Bossman10 is offline. Bossman10 Federal Dispatch Management
329,490,006 Credits njbrondum is offline. njbrondum Louisiana EOC
320,576,478 Credits NYFD is offline. NYFD U.S. Emergency Services
_20190430_085739 311,769,873 Credits tuesdaytaco is online. tuesdaytaco Worldwide Dispatch Services
309,265,183 Credits firefightervfd is offline. firefightervfd
308,461,510 Credits MrPots0726 is online. MrPots0726 Elite responders alliance
Cap_avatar 308,144,612 Credits Slarow is offline. Slarow U.S. Emergency Services
Maryland_emd 305,895,821 Credits Dispatcher853 is offline. Dispatcher853 Worldwide Dispatch Services
C9f360f3-db0a-4d47-9f16-1d48f3f8758d 300,306,903 Credits WinWin is online. WinWin Allied Responders
296,723,665 Credits SirRavenDude is online. SirRavenDude The Mended Drum
296,034,268 Credits Tremonius is offline. Tremonius U.S. Emergency Services
293,035,494 Credits Beven is offline. Beven U.S. Emergency Services
284,684,905 Credits Phoenixegmh is offline. Phoenixegmh The Mended Drum
Fb_img_1585942009451 284,424,132 Credits FireChief57 is offline. FireChief57 Worldwide Dispatch Services
284,278,669 Credits ChiefKevin25 is offline. ChiefKevin25 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
284,076,980 Credits GurkaCreed is offline. GurkaCreed U.S. Emergency Services
282,385,539 Credits TheMasterCop is offline. TheMasterCop Enfield DPS
280,744,075 Credits Beeerick is offline. Beeerick Federal Dispatch Management
280,664,668 Credits Noble19 is offline. Noble19 Allied Responders
280,151,221 Credits ChiefMichigan is online. ChiefMichigan Worldwide Dispatch Services