Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Flagyankees1 277,577,025 Credits CBS1578 is online. CBS1578 The Syndicate
275,887,075 Credits Beven is offline. Beven U.S. Emergency Services
270,866,631 Credits Beeerick is offline. Beeerick Federal Dispatch Management
267,312,244 Credits ESXB is online. ESXB First Responders Group
Glock3 258,372,559 Credits Smooth_C is online. Smooth_C Worldwide Dispatch Services
258,030,276 Credits lopes44 is offline. lopes44 1117 Portugal
256,670,296 Credits ChiefKevin25 is online. ChiefKevin25 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
255,996,838 Credits DylanI24 is offline. DylanI24 Enfield DPS
255,588,281 Credits Floogie7 is offline. Floogie7 U.S. Emergency Services
251,847,572 Credits 343 is offline. 343 Northeast Emerg. Mgmt.
245,517,595 Credits Crocket is offline. Crocket Sourkrauts
244,512,970 Credits NYFD is offline. NYFD U.S. Emergency Services
243,806,915 Credits mibzzer15 is online. mibzzer15 The Syndicate
243,565,005 Credits Jacoby809 is offline. Jacoby809
243,078,611 Credits Captaincoric is offline. Captaincoric
240,634,771 Credits holaf1993 is offline. holaf1993
239,440,737 Credits Joshthemedic is offline. Joshthemedic The Syndicate
64527531_2265939206823134_818212998127550464_o 239,001,787 Credits ALF_Condor is offline. ALF_Condor The Syndicate
236,725,470 Credits to575 is offline. to575 Northeast Emerg. Services
Download 236,572,877 Credits ChiefAustin is online. ChiefAustin Worldwide Dispatch Services