Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
3213 149,549,527 Credits Ash is offline. Ash UK Emergency Services
145,789,383 Credits BcAnimalcop03 is offline. BcAnimalcop03 U.S. Emergency Services
Mouse_and_cheese 145,140,787 Credits mouserc444 is offline. mouserc444 USOEM
8f30d1ea-040b-4ef7-ac91-025a209785a3 143,796,032 Credits Junior is offline. Junior UK Emergency Services
143,166,076 Credits ramillinicolo is offline. ramillinicolo Team112 Italy
139,281,689 Credits Orso13 is offline. Orso13 Team112 Italy
139,203,099 Credits jeffers9000 is offline. jeffers9000 Aber Links
138,870,797 Credits Joshthemedic is offline. Joshthemedic Frederick, MD, USA
137,108,232 Credits Havoc88 is offline. Havoc88 Poland 112
130,005,138 Credits Captaincoric is offline. Captaincoric The Syndicate
88172113-6629-4ed5-a44b-8ba5be529cd1 129,765,141 Credits WannabeChief is offline. WannabeChief Frederick, MD, USA
129,433,205 Credits DannyCFO9011 is offline. DannyCFO9011 UK Emergency Services
128,781,401 Credits drdeluca02 is offline. drdeluca02 Central Jersey Mutual Aid
Sja3 126,685,008 Credits me181 is offline. me181 European Emergency Services
Pink_and_blue_engine 124,872,747 Credits TheNorCalGangster is offline. TheNorCalGangster
Baltimore_city_fd_truck_1_ebay2_1024x1024 123,705,682 Credits FireRaven is online. FireRaven #JOBTOWN
122,599,419 Credits Emcio is offline. Emcio Poland 112
121,988,339 Credits Playmo94 is offline. Playmo94 UK Incident Response Group
Yub 119,617,568 Credits MikeIndiaKiloEcho is offline. MikeIndiaKiloEcho Office of Emergency Services
118,492,192 Credits firedaddy32 is offline. firedaddy32 Speedwell Fire