Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Pink_and_blue_engine 124,872,747 Credits TheNorCalGangster is offline. TheNorCalGangster
122,882,483 Credits Emcio is offline. Emcio Poland 112
121,988,339 Credits Playmo94 is offline. Playmo94 UK Incident Response Group
121,639,266 Credits tpeard is offline. tpeard GVCC - Order out of Chaos
Fc0719f0-3e49-4999-ac29-952b09f0ab11 120,318,400 Credits Faolan is offline. Faolan U.S. National Dispatch
119,232,525 Credits JeremyBK40 is online. JeremyBK40 PA REGION 13
Img_1315 118,628,220 Credits Halligan281 is offline. Halligan281 U.S. Emergency Services
118,492,192 Credits firedaddy32 is offline. firedaddy32 Speedwell Fire
Wizz_badge 116,224,252 Credits WizzLA is online. WizzLA U.S. Emergency Services
116,139,947 Credits Bigstu17 is offline. Bigstu17 UK Emergency Services
Console 115,184,203 Credits camhesse1 is offline. camhesse1 WARD Fire Alliance
114,711,977 Credits retroactiv is offline. retroactiv Midwest Mutual Aid
Normal_kansas-city-71-mofr 111,915,023 Credits Jcfpd8119 is offline. Jcfpd8119 Code 4
111,416,765 Credits Styer505 is offline. Styer505 U.S. National Dispatch
20160919_214749 111,121,184 Credits Ace is offline. Ace First Responders Gaming
11002585_862266667167301_2777501457353162547_n 109,286,882 Credits FREEMAN998 is offline. FREEMAN998 Poland 112
107,818,636 Credits LBNY is online. LBNY The Syndicate
20106689_10209396121727540_3363111144997694703_n 105,664,950 Credits tylernelson224 is offline. tylernelson224 The Syndicate
105,311,537 Credits iSharted is offline. iSharted BALS
Aes_logo_final 103,670,245 Credits PommyGranate is offline. PommyGranate Australia Emergency Services