Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
103,614,350 Credits Capitao is offline. Capitao 1117 Portugal
102,570,630 Credits MikeIndiaKiloEcho is offline. MikeIndiaKiloEcho Office of Emergency Services
101,040,889 Credits Emcio is offline. Emcio Poland 112
100,855,680 Credits tpeard is offline. tpeard GVCC - Order out of Chaos
99,786,366 Credits am6985 is offline. am6985
98,938,152 Credits Matze231 is offline. Matze231 U.S. Emergency Services
Console 98,860,684 Credits camhesse1 is offline. camhesse1 WARD Fire Alliance
97,861,537 Credits Kyle_Petkis is offline. Kyle_Petkis Connecticut Emergency Response
Xmas_avatar 97,204,419 Credits dj_chill is offline. dj_chill 999 First Responders
97,201,225 Credits Chudson73 is offline. Chudson73 Real & Amateur Dispatchers
97,125,244 Credits daenpu is offline. daenpu U.S. National Dispatch
96,549,238 Credits BVTV11 is offline. BVTV11 1117 Portugal
94,232,063 Credits The_JF is offline. The_JF 999 First Responders
Me_2017 93,612,782 Credits ChiefBill is offline. ChiefBill U.S. National Dispatch
93,281,376 Credits ffemtjblake is offline. ffemtjblake New England Response Group
364-63b7347a9c05627938c605f474ae9600b27b277c-96_1_ 91,116,701 Credits newfoundking is offline. newfoundking National Response Team
91,064,788 Credits dn1013 is offline. dn1013
90,068,368 Credits Evan384 is offline. Evan384
Album_pic218 89,403,137 Credits PortuguesDC is offline. PortuguesDC
89,247,356 Credits Styer505 is offline. Styer505 U.S. National Dispatch