Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
20180303_103904 54,693,234 Credits Faolan is online. Faolan U.S. National Dispatch
53,801,313 Credits Docwalden is offline. Docwalden NBFD
53,321,566 Credits mdarling6 is offline. mdarling6 United Dispatchers
53,070,550 Credits nasd1066 is offline. nasd1066 United Nation Responders
53,065,121 Credits tpeard is offline. tpeard GVCC - Order out of Chaos
52,910,654 Credits yesboh is online. yesboh Yah Yeet
Resizefirelogo 52,729,828 Credits D_Hayes is offline. D_Hayes Central Rapid Response Team
52,559,936 Credits Alexandru is offline. Alexandru U.S. Emergency Services
52,160,017 Credits Styer505 is offline. Styer505 U.S. National Dispatch
Admin 51,931,629 Credits StuartA1984 is offline. StuartA1984 United Nation Responders
51,629,275 Credits Bvcjorge is offline. Bvcjorge 1117 Portugal
Bobby 50,552,282 Credits BritishBobby is offline. BritishBobby UK Emergency Services
50,534,186 Credits Caporrella is offline. Caporrella Team112 Italy
49,521,348 Credits Aeich is offline. Aeich U.S. National Dispatch
7601895 49,030,814 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
48,990,165 Credits wesryan990 is offline. wesryan990 Emergency
48,920,512 Credits dirtyderne is offline. dirtyderne SCC911
48,806,972 Credits LowHudEmergency is offline. LowHudEmergency GBFDAlliance
48,582,097 Credits cafrica is offline. cafrica GVCC - Order out of Chaos
48,574,811 Credits Columbus2207 is online. Columbus2207 Central Ohio J Fire district