Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
90,308,282 Credits 43-27-28 is offline. 43-27-28 New England Mutual Aid
90,292,706 Credits Levi is offline. Levi
90,016,540 Credits Emtff3133 is online. Emtff3133 The Syndicate
Download_(1) 89,605,416 Credits Squad_Goes is online. Squad_Goes
Album_pic218 89,403,137 Credits PortuguesDC is offline. PortuguesDC
Gavin_badge 88,368,615 Credits Gavin876 is offline. Gavin876 U.S. Emergency Services
88,328,348 Credits Norwayfire is offline. Norwayfire U.S. National Dispatch
87,646,325 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
Img9513411 87,200,073 Credits LCVFDFF1036 is offline. LCVFDFF1036 U.S. Emergency Services
86,099,087 Credits PatrickDowd is offline. PatrickDowd Connecticut Emergency Response
85,746,889 Credits Caspercgj is offline. Caspercgj Danmark Redning og Sikkerhed
85,152,005 Credits VICFireUK is offline. VICFireUK 999 First Responders
Msc_alarm_panel 84,971,356 Credits Qstorm is online. Qstorm 911 Emergency Dispatch
83,127,533 Credits Feuerwehr9010 is offline. Feuerwehr9010 Sammelverband deutscher Tester
82,448,394 Credits Leapbsc6 is offline. Leapbsc6 U.S. Emergency Services
81,922,738 Credits tsimshian is offline. tsimshian U.S. Emergency Services
Keep-calm-and-call-999-2 81,303,602 Credits 999madtom is offline. 999madtom 999 First Responders
81,214,512 Credits mmcclosk is offline. mmcclosk Savage
79,584,924 Credits tim0427 is offline. tim0427 Tim and Riley’s Alliance
78,889,848 Credits Toporj is offline. Toporj Poland 112