Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
364-63b7347a9c05627938c605f474ae9600b27b277c-96_1_ 95,963,779 Credits newfoundking is offline. newfoundking National Response Team
95,620,126 Credits Levi is offline. Levi
95,580,203 Credits ffemtjblake is offline. ffemtjblake New England Response Group
95,433,561 Credits The_JF is offline. The_JF 999 First Responders
Seagrave_rescue 95,287,248 Credits xPredat0rz is online. xPredat0rz U.S. National Dispatch
Me_2017 94,860,145 Credits ChiefBill is offline. ChiefBill NE Action Response Group
94,112,712 Credits Taliesin is offline. Taliesin IL-WI & NY Emergency Services
93,700,257 Credits Geekyfire is online. Geekyfire U.S. Emergency Services
92,685,598 Credits EMS-Medic is online. EMS-Medic U.S. National Dispatch
92,500,572 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
Download_(1) 92,055,507 Credits Squad_Goes is online. Squad_Goes
91,214,226 Credits Drjcox51 is offline. Drjcox51 911 Emergency Dispatch
91,030,761 Credits 43-27-28 is offline. 43-27-28 New England Mutual Aid
Msc_alarm_panel 90,252,112 Credits Qstorm is offline. Qstorm 911 Emergency Dispatch
64527531_2265939206823134_818212998127550464_o 89,482,707 Credits ALF_Condor is offline. ALF_Condor The Syndicate
Album_pic218 89,403,137 Credits PortuguesDC is offline. PortuguesDC
Gavin_badge 89,275,354 Credits Gavin876 is offline. Gavin876 U.S. Emergency Services
89,088,547 Credits CrashTestDummy is online. CrashTestDummy Fire & Rescue Academy
Img9513411 89,015,473 Credits LCVFDFF1036 is offline. LCVFDFF1036 U.S. Emergency Services
88,985,502 Credits Quint99 is offline. Quint99 U.S. National Dispatch