Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
81,756,806 Credits tsimshian is offline. tsimshian U.S. Emergency Services
Keep-calm-and-call-999-2 81,169,887 Credits 999madtom is offline. 999madtom 999 First Responders
81,125,351 Credits mmcclosk is offline. mmcclosk Savage
80,784,873 Credits Levi is offline. Levi
80,499,373 Credits NYFD is offline. NYFD U.S. Emergency Services
78,849,124 Credits Toporj is offline. Toporj Poland 112
78,355,097 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
77,305,518 Credits Peter84 is offline. Peter84 U.S. Emergency Services
77,021,775 Credits tim0427 is offline. tim0427 Tim and Riley’s Alliance
Suffolk_fire_and_rescue_service_logo9990 76,814,200 Credits SirHiggins is offline. SirHiggins UK Emergency Services
Hanover_engine_801 76,632,243 Credits natscott61 is offline. natscott61 Central Ohio J Fire district
75,574,795 Credits TrueNorth is offline. TrueNorth Can-US First Responders (CAFR)
75,508,272 Credits LBNY is offline. LBNY The Syndicate
Blue_light 75,332,962 Credits weestewarty is offline. weestewarty Glasgow UK Scotland 999
73,993,904 Credits Feuerwehr9010 is offline. Feuerwehr9010 Sammelverband deutscher Tester
73,684,743 Credits Kyleoconnor22 is offline. Kyleoconnor22 Frederick, MD, USA
73,493,054 Credits Caporrella is offline. Caporrella Team112 Italy
73,218,208 Credits LowHudEmergency is offline. LowHudEmergency GBFDAlliance
73,060,575 Credits Farsalamander is online. Farsalamander Canada Emergency Services
72,451,127 Credits kan is offline. kan