Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
S-l300 115,906,004 Credits b17pineapple is offline. b17pineapple United Dispatch Alliance
115,725,170 Credits Evan384 is offline. Evan384
Normal_kansas-city-71-mofr 115,101,751 Credits Jcfpd8119 is offline. Jcfpd8119 Code 4
114,910,360 Credits retroactiv is offline. retroactiv
20160919_214749 111,132,434 Credits Ace is offline. Ace First Responders Gaming
110,568,931 Credits Capitao is offline. Capitao 1117 Portugal
30443315_1823649454351740_1061173070359691264_n 110,343,325 Credits RCelestino1150 is offline. RCelestino1150 The Power of One PT
Download_(1) 108,848,319 Credits Squad_Goes is offline. Squad_Goes U.S. Emergency Services
108,328,561 Credits am6985 is offline. am6985
Msc_alarm_panel 108,228,928 Credits Qstorm is offline. Qstorm Ole Texas Firefighters Group
106,334,579 Credits LowHudEmergency is online. LowHudEmergency GBFDAlliance
106,256,281 Credits iSharted is offline. iSharted BALS
104,299,868 Credits MajorPayne is offline. MajorPayne Worldwide Dispatch Services
364-63b7347a9c05627938c605f474ae9600b27b277c-96_1_ 102,418,790 Credits newfoundking is offline. newfoundking National Response Team
102,367,570 Credits MdTow329 is offline. MdTow329 Maryland Alliance
102,346,714 Credits TrooperWoods is offline. TrooperWoods North American OEM
101,751,497 Credits ciuchs is offline. ciuchs Central Missouri EMS
Seagrave_rescue 101,491,133 Credits xPredat0rz is offline. xPredat0rz Worldwide Dispatch Services
98,938,152 Credits Matze231 is offline. Matze231 U.S. Emergency Services
98,108,508 Credits bimmiq is offline. bimmiq Vic emergency