Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
12392018_10205717892451979_7677635032588031363_n 48,362,835 Credits Pender is offline. Pender U.S. Emergency Services
48,133,317 Credits Chipskip is offline. Chipskip BALS
47,088,920 Credits NYFD is offline. NYFD U.S. Emergency Services
47,082,282 Credits jwallace041111 is offline. jwallace041111 United States Fire Alliance
Emtfire 46,625,870 Credits Johnshobe3 is offline. Johnshobe3 U.S. National Dispatch
46,166,459 Credits mgibbs is offline. mgibbs UK Fire and Rescue
Mnla_filephotos_officialslaxusc_0025_16-9 46,041,718 Credits Tommy is offline. Tommy U.S. Emergency Services
45,758,999 Credits sobczak927 is offline. sobczak927 U.S. Emergency Services
Profileigrade256256 45,522,159 Credits festivalmatt is offline. festivalmatt UK Emergency Services
44,977,813 Credits Smaugboy14 is offline. Smaugboy14 Fire And Emergency NZ
44,461,581 Credits Yasu1211 is offline. Yasu1211
44,401,960 Credits realjessey is offline. realjessey
W722 44,372,440 Credits nickb722 is offline. nickb722 U.S Emergency Division
1bb9cec8-ab73-41f1-8633-921500ddbe54 44,327,225 Credits ffeppley70 is offline. ffeppley70 NE USA Emergency Services
44,211,680 Credits david3924 is offline. david3924 Southwest Ohio & Northern Ky
Keep-calm-and-call-999-2 43,689,506 Credits 999madtom is offline. 999madtom 999 First Responders
Emergency_1 43,685,802 Credits hawker5 is offline. hawker5
43,598,838 Credits Glock499 is offline. Glock499 U.S Emergency Alliance
43,189,878 Credits AMajorNewbGG is online. AMajorNewbGG CalWest Emergency Management
43,014,605 Credits theblitz1738 is offline. theblitz1738 U.S. Emergency Services