Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Download_(1) 102,071,497 Credits Squad_Goes is offline. Squad_Goes U.S. Emergency Services
102,051,257 Credits Reddog4040 is offline. Reddog4040 U.S. National Dispatch
101,395,723 Credits TrooperWoods is offline. TrooperWoods North American OEM
100,752,697 Credits MdTow329 is offline. MdTow329 Maryland Alliance
Seagrave_rescue 100,576,963 Credits xPredat0rz is offline. xPredat0rz U.S. National Dispatch
100,347,732 Credits Thewickedjay is offline. Thewickedjay The Syndicate
98,938,152 Credits Matze231 is offline. Matze231 U.S. Emergency Services
98,035,626 Credits Kyle_Petkis is offline. Kyle_Petkis Connecticut Emergency Response
Xmas_avatar 97,207,299 Credits dj_chill is offline. dj_chill 999 First Responders
97,165,077 Credits bimmiq is offline. bimmiq Vic emergency
96,681,989 Credits BVTV11 is offline. BVTV11 1117 Portugal
364-63b7347a9c05627938c605f474ae9600b27b277c-96_1_ 96,289,094 Credits newfoundking is offline. newfoundking National Response Team
95,580,203 Credits ffemtjblake is offline. ffemtjblake New England Response Group
95,450,225 Credits The_JF is offline. The_JF 999 First Responders
Me_2017 94,863,370 Credits ChiefBill is offline. ChiefBill
94,180,470 Credits Taliesin is offline. Taliesin IL-WI & NY Emergency Services
94,005,290 Credits 43-27-28 is offline. 43-27-28 New England Mutual Aid
Gavin_badge 93,280,632 Credits Gavin876 is offline. Gavin876 U.S. Emergency Services
C9f360f3-db0a-4d47-9f16-1d48f3f8758d 92,933,142 Credits WinWin is online. WinWin The Syndicate
91,672,974 Credits Jeoperea is online. Jeoperea U.S. National Dispatch