Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Resizefirelogo 59,760,224 Credits D_Hayes is online. D_Hayes Central Rapid Response Team
59,519,034 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
59,454,026 Credits tlt83 is offline. tlt83 Real & Amateur Dispatchers
59,183,514 Credits Caporrella is offline. Caporrella Team112 Italy
Emergency_1 58,801,065 Credits hawker5 is offline. hawker5 West Coast Recyclers
57,210,613 Credits Goriar is offline. Goriar Team112 Italy
56,901,855 Credits Jrich0001 is offline. Jrich0001 U.S. National Dispatch
001_(10) 56,663,291 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
56,658,035 Credits apanhas is offline. apanhas 1117 Portugal
56,396,238 Credits daenpu is offline. daenpu U.S. National Dispatch
Untitled 56,184,323 Credits dwillit is online. dwillit The Thin blue line
55,703,601 Credits Bomb43 is offline. Bomb43 Bombeiros da Tuga
Class_66 55,672,576 Credits EFD850 is offline. EFD850 U.S. Emergency Services
55,117,733 Credits snyder25 is offline. snyder25 NE USA Emergency Services
54,941,173 Credits Columbus2207 is offline. Columbus2207 Central Ohio J Fire district
54,806,187 Credits PommyGranate is offline. PommyGranate Australia Emergency Services
54,803,807 Credits tim0427 is offline. tim0427 Tim and Riley’s Alliance
Admin 54,702,834 Credits StuartA1984 is offline. StuartA1984 United Nation Responders
Uk_ems 54,612,389 Credits Hailerer26 is offline. Hailerer26 UK Emergency Services
54,180,184 Credits jwallace041111 is offline. jwallace041111 United States Fire Alliance