Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
49,521,348 Credits Aeich is offline. Aeich U.S. National Dispatch
49,462,358 Credits TrueNorth is offline. TrueNorth Can-US First Responders (CAFR)
7601895 49,459,473 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
Emergency_1 49,141,836 Credits hawker5 is offline. hawker5 West Coast Recyclers
49,031,314 Credits Taliesin is offline. Taliesin IL-WI & NY Emergency Services
001_(10) 48,946,311 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
48,920,512 Credits dirtyderne is offline. dirtyderne SCC911
48,832,713 Credits mgibbs is offline. mgibbs UK Fire and Rescue
48,829,774 Credits Chipskip is offline. Chipskip BALS
48,620,157 Credits jwallace041111 is offline. jwallace041111 United States Fire Alliance
Keep-calm-and-call-999-2 48,567,204 Credits 999madtom is offline. 999madtom 999 First Responders
12392018_10205717892451979_7677635032588031363_n 48,363,007 Credits Pender is offline. Pender U.S. Emergency Services
Mnla_filephotos_officialslaxusc_0025_16-9 47,718,820 Credits Tommy is offline. Tommy First Responders Gaming
W722 47,690,261 Credits nickb722 is offline. nickb722 U.S Emergency Division
47,598,730 Credits mmcclosk is offline. mmcclosk Savage
Dsc00380 47,265,650 Credits kieronSE999V2 is offline. kieronSE999V2 Londinium
46,706,026 Credits david3924 is offline. david3924 Southwest Ohio & Northern Ky
Emtfire 46,639,611 Credits Johnshobe3 is offline. Johnshobe3 U.S. National Dispatch
Untitled 46,579,227 Credits dwillit is offline. dwillit The Thin blue line
46,550,361 Credits Glock499 is offline. Glock499 U.S Emergency Alliance