Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
63,487,803 Credits JaredKorrie is offline. JaredKorrie WARD Fire Alliance
63,237,969 Credits tim0427 is online. tim0427 Tim and Riley’s Alliance
Member 62,703,499 Credits Severanche is offline. Severanche United Nation Responders
61,640,989 Credits Caporrella is offline. Caporrella Team112 Italy
Resizefirelogo 61,622,539 Credits D_Hayes is offline. D_Hayes Central Rapid Response Team
Qrg7nn0-world-trade-center-wallpaper 61,381,964 Credits vprouty4822 is offline. vprouty4822
Emergency_1 61,274,201 Credits hawker5 is offline. hawker5 West Coast Recyclers
61,026,623 Credits nasd1066 is offline. nasd1066 United Nation Responders
60,887,816 Credits tlt83 is online. tlt83 Real & Amateur Dispatchers
Elw-hannover 60,754,061 Credits Brocky1973 is offline. Brocky1973 Central Dispatch Chicago
60,459,891 Credits alfredalfeld is offline. alfredalfeld Central Dispatch Chicago
59,568,212 Credits sobczak927 is offline. sobczak927 U.S. Emergency Services
Station_30 59,267,463 Credits OfficerPhillips is offline. OfficerPhillips U.S. Emergency Services
59,171,669 Credits Jrich0001 is offline. Jrich0001 U.S. National Dispatch
Untitled 57,786,998 Credits dwillit is offline. dwillit The Thin blue line
57,706,511 Credits Columbus2207 is offline. Columbus2207 Central Ohio J Fire district
Seagrave_rescue 57,668,581 Credits xPredat0rz is online. xPredat0rz U.S. National Dispatch
001_(10) 57,035,158 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
56,658,035 Credits apanhas is offline. apanhas 1117 Portugal
7601895 56,601,549 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE