Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
78,272,901 Credits Benjamin82 is offline. Benjamin82 U.S. National Dispatch
Suffolk_fire_and_rescue_service_logo9990 78,132,381 Credits SirHiggins is offline. SirHiggins UK Emergency Services
77,893,748 Credits TrueNorth is offline. TrueNorth Can-Am First Responders (CAFR)
77,312,462 Credits Peter84 is offline. Peter84 U.S. Emergency Services
Hanover_engine_801 76,884,382 Credits natscott61 is offline. natscott61 Central Ohio J Fire district
75,577,905 Credits mjphansen11 is offline. mjphansen11 U.S. National Dispatch
64527531_2265939206823134_818212998127550464_o 75,464,215 Credits ALF_Condor is offline. ALF_Condor The Syndicate
Blue_light 75,377,472 Credits weestewarty is offline. weestewarty Glasgow UK Scotland 999
75,291,661 Credits kan is offline. kan
73,706,765 Credits Kyleoconnor22 is offline. Kyleoconnor22 Frederick, MD, USA
73,518,662 Credits Caporrella is offline. Caporrella Team112 Italy
73,502,287 Credits Geekyfire is offline. Geekyfire U.S. Emergency Services
73,464,216 Credits LowHudEmergency is offline. LowHudEmergency GBFDAlliance
72,979,836 Credits cafrica is offline. cafrica GVCC - Order out of Chaos
Station_30 72,852,703 Credits OfficerPhillips is offline. OfficerPhillips U.S. Emergency Services
B520becc-0472-4b2a-8eb8-113aaafa143c 72,475,037 Credits PyroNut31 is offline. PyroNut31 U.S. Emergency Services
Mkia_badge_(1) 71,983,202 Credits MilitaryKnowItAll is offline. MilitaryKnowItAll U.S. Emergency Services
Illianacrest 71,941,668 Credits Johnshobe3 is offline. Johnshobe3 ILLIANA
Cnf 71,865,302 Credits ChiefNickFury is offline. ChiefNickFury U.S. National Dispatch
71,706,378 Credits Columbus2207 is offline. Columbus2207 Central Ohio J Fire district