Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
351,319,980 Credits LBNY is offline. LBNY Fire Department of New York
350,936,242 Credits DangerRanger is offline. DangerRanger First Responders Group
1481646791_firefighter_2 349,521,040 Credits Amacole is offline. Amacole Allied Responders
334500_10150520014667252_1760343311_o_(2) 342,686,005 Credits Lenny1175 is offline. Lenny1175 Worldwide Dispatch Services
342,587,099 Credits TXCountyFF51 is online. TXCountyFF51 Ole Texas Firefighters Group
341,569,190 Credits dispatcher-122 is offline. dispatcher-122 Central Jersey Mutual Aid
Images.jpeg 341,442,604 Credits WestVAFireman is offline. WestVAFireman Allied Responders
340,148,979 Credits Mrwar1 is online. Mrwar1 Office Of Emergency Management
335,379,897 Credits Onin089 is online. Onin089 PGD ZGORNJA ŠIŠKA
332,032,983 Credits Candyman is offline. Candyman U.S. Emergency Services
331,715,539 Credits TheMasterCop is offline. TheMasterCop Enfield DPS
Preacher_badge 331,399,515 Credits Preacher is offline. Preacher U.S. Emergency Services
331,067,974 Credits LHF5350 is offline. LHF5350 US First Responders (USFR)
329,098,143 Credits akubiak is offline. akubiak United States OEM
327,240,672 Credits KYEmergencyServices is offline. KYEmergencyServices Worldwide Dispatch Services
327,129,937 Credits jacre113 is offline. jacre113 573'S 911 MEMBERS
326,480,743 Credits bullcityb is offline. bullcityb Worldwide Dispatch Services
323,960,985 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
322,205,884 Credits Thewickedjay is offline. Thewickedjay Allied Responders
320,837,462 Credits Winner7283833 is offline. Winner7283833 Worldwide Dispatch Services