Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Dsc00380 42,975,819 Credits kieronSE999V2 is online. kieronSE999V2 Londinium
42,240,517 Credits ReactWorld is offline. ReactWorld
42,002,354 Credits Lifesaver is offline. Lifesaver U.S. National Dispatch
41,981,400 Credits TrueNorth is offline. TrueNorth Can-US First Responders (CAFR)
41,900,166 Credits Feuerwehr9010 is offline. Feuerwehr9010 Sammelverband deutscher Tester
41,810,759 Credits Nickthebeast100 is offline. Nickthebeast100 U.S. National Dispatch
41,721,539 Credits andreab is offline. andreab Team112 Italy
41,642,829 Credits nickoli is offline. nickoli United States Fire Alliance
_2002_station300 41,390,023 Credits bankiesbhoy999 is offline. bankiesbhoy999 Glasgow UK Scotland 999
41,157,593 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
40,889,817 Credits nik95 is offline. nik95 NordItalyEmergency
40,841,363 Credits Cooper25 is offline. Cooper25 U.S. National Dispatch
40,525,850 Credits Whiterosecity is offline. Whiterosecity York County Squad
40,363,683 Credits Lonemadwolf is offline. Lonemadwolf
Untitled 39,842,288 Credits dwillit is offline. dwillit The Thin blue line
Mc_joint_forces 39,710,712 Credits Officer-Grimm is offline. Officer-Grimm U.S. Emergency Services
Download 39,699,062 Credits cecco21 is offline. cecco21 Team112 Italy
39,626,314 Credits Neca08082003 is offline. Neca08082003 U.S. National Dispatch
001_(10) 39,622,508 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
39,353,420 Credits phhc432 is offline. phhc432 First Responders Gaming