Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
54,031,588 Credits nasd1066 is offline. nasd1066 United Nation Responders
54,020,701 Credits mgibbs is offline. mgibbs UK Fire and Rescue
Image 53,349,498 Credits letsgohope12 is offline. letsgohope12 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
53,299,811 Credits Alexandru is offline. Alexandru U.S. Emergency Services
Station_30 53,069,565 Credits OfficerPhillips is offline. OfficerPhillips U.S. Emergency Services
Dsc00380 52,792,321 Credits kieronSE999V2 is offline. kieronSE999V2 Londinium
13895284_517551931765046_7127703439620773590_n 52,276,292 Credits ChiefAleksander is online. ChiefAleksander Norwegian Emergency Services
7601895 51,945,991 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
51,927,290 Credits sobczak927 is offline. sobczak927 U.S. Emergency Services
W722 51,424,285 Credits nickb722 is offline. nickb722 U.S Emergency Division
Download 51,423,904 Credits cecco21 is offline. cecco21 Team112 Italy
12392018_10205717892451979_7677635032588031363_n 51,034,896 Credits Pender is offline. Pender U.S. Emergency Services
Bobby 50,847,804 Credits BritishBobby is offline. BritishBobby
50,626,259 Credits Smaugboy14 is offline. Smaugboy14 Fire And Emergency NZ
49,609,386 Credits Chipskip is offline. Chipskip BALS
49,574,476 Credits Glock499 is offline. Glock499 U.S Emergency Alliance
49,521,463 Credits Aeich is offline. Aeich U.S. National Dispatch
49,121,837 Credits Ballbrreakers90 is offline. Ballbrreakers90 Coolnesss
48,920,799 Credits dirtyderne is offline. dirtyderne SCC911
Mnla_filephotos_officialslaxusc_0025_16-9 48,667,620 Credits Tommy is offline. Tommy First Responders Gaming