Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
49,462,142 Credits Chipskip is offline. Chipskip BALS
7601895 49,459,473 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs
Station_30 49,051,578 Credits OfficerPhillips is offline. OfficerPhillips U.S. Emergency Services
48,920,799 Credits dirtyderne is offline. dirtyderne SCC911
48,858,394 Credits Smaugboy14 is offline. Smaugboy14 Fire And Emergency NZ
Mnla_filephotos_officialslaxusc_0025_16-9 48,612,029 Credits Tommy is offline. Tommy First Responders Gaming
12392018_10205717892451979_7677635032588031363_n 48,363,007 Credits Pender is offline. Pender U.S. Emergency Services
Image 48,190,185 Credits letsgohope12 is offline. letsgohope12 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
48,098,520 Credits Bomb43 is online. Bomb43 Bombeiros da Tuga
47,944,070 Credits Glock499 is offline. Glock499 U.S Emergency Alliance
Download 47,419,276 Credits cecco21 is online. cecco21 Team112 Italy
46,706,083 Credits david3924 is offline. david3924 Southwest Ohio & Northern Ky
46,092,920 Credits tim0427 is offline. tim0427 Tim and Riley’s Alliance
45,759,573 Credits sobczak927 is offline. sobczak927
45,699,730 Credits jpinto is offline. jpinto Distrito Leiria
45,627,442 Credits Yasu1211 is offline. Yasu1211
Profileigrade256256 45,522,159 Credits festivalmatt is offline. festivalmatt UK Emergency Services
45,400,067 Credits raf is offline. raf U.S.Independence Fire
45,371,603 Credits PommyGranate is offline. PommyGranate Australia Emergency Services
44,980,599 Credits simonc is offline. simonc UK Emergency Services