Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
0258544570769bb8c9354f73e1337cec 209,621,543 Credits BrooklynDispatch is offline. BrooklynDispatch Code 4
209,444,102 Credits tthhpp1119 is offline. tthhpp1119 U.S. Emergency Services
208,729,342 Credits Fogest is offline. Fogest Worldwide Dispatch Services
30443315_1823649454351740_1061173070359691264_n 208,345,525 Credits RCelestino1150 is offline. RCelestino1150 Worldwide Dispatch Services
0c1cbc18-bccf-4e54-a0a2-2cfcdcf659d7 205,993,340 Credits Eagle30906 is offline. Eagle30906 United States OEM
205,136,670 Credits FWUN is offline. FWUN Worldwide Dispatch Services
204,679,432 Credits Columbus2207 is offline. Columbus2207 Central Ohio J Fire district
204,404,199 Credits FredCoFire is offline. FredCoFire U.S. Emergency Services
11751767_10153580096894309_6052283604977156305_n 203,933,449 Credits InlandEmpire911 is offline. InlandEmpire911 911 Emergency Dispatch
203,440,482 Credits Cphillipf is offline. Cphillipf CPF-DTS
203,051,126 Credits palmulli is offline. palmulli Worldwide Dispatch Services
202,641,465 Credits SmaugNZ is offline. SmaugNZ Fire And Emergency NZ
202,354,315 Credits Sherlock0815 is offline. Sherlock0815 U.S. Emergency Services
Img_0042 201,459,247 Credits MeatSection is offline. MeatSection U.S Emergency Division
Keep-calm-and-call-999-2 200,034,725 Credits 999madtom is offline. 999madtom Lindor React 70% Alcohol
199,328,260 Credits ILFF1449 is offline. ILFF1449 Big Time Fire Department
Badge_2 199,084,591 Credits Shadowfox617 is online. Shadowfox617 MissionChief Unofficial (US)
198,649,572 Credits Jim_Beam is online. Jim_Beam North American Fire and Rescue
198,553,223 Credits jp-1 is online. jp-1 Japan Emergency Coalition
197,544,733 Credits Feuerwehr9010 is offline. Feuerwehr9010 Sammelverband deutscher Tester