Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
1,145,345,689 Credits QueenFay is online. QueenFay U.S. Emergency Services
1,141,314,860 Credits MedicMarris is offline. MedicMarris First Responders Group
1,132,370,035 Credits Nathrak is offline. Nathrak U.S. Emergency Services
1,119,607,071 Credits ShmeuFuller is online. ShmeuFuller Worldwide Dispatch Services
Roadrunner 1,118,960,921 Credits EMT_BO is offline. EMT_BO Worldwide Dispatch Services
Logo_1 1,048,822,879 Credits wesryan990 is online. wesryan990 Midwest Mutual Aid
1,005,549,085 Credits SirRavenDude is offline. SirRavenDude The Mended Drum
Uses_badge_lt 974,646,141 Credits Brett620 is online. Brett620 U.S. Emergency Services
968,255,880 Credits mjphansen11 is online. mjphansen11 Worldwide Dispatch Services
87fe47613b9f678e5d99544f219c6ea9-128 962,014,299 Credits wolfman450 is offline. wolfman450 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
Pic 953,929,671 Credits SoCalFireGirl is online. SoCalFireGirl United First Responders Group
930,151,378 Credits MajorPayne is offline. MajorPayne Worldwide Dispatch Services
926,697,425 Credits Quint99 is offline. Quint99 Worldwide Dispatch Services
925,074,087 Credits Noble19 is online. Noble19 Allied Responders
58049139_10156164946653341_607532907954700288_n 921,421,190 Credits wisco is offline. wisco Worldwide Dispatch Services
915,618,333 Credits munja1998 is online. munja1998 Slovenian Emergency Dispatch
895,479,034 Credits PaintedWolf is online. PaintedWolf First Responders Group
891,883,481 Credits YoloMcSwaggins is online. YoloMcSwaggins Allied Responders
879,449,806 Credits daenpu is offline. daenpu Allied Responders
817,785,345 Credits FireBot is online. FireBot Oregon Dispatch