Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
408,990,468 Credits youngbuck393 is offline. youngbuck393 SCC911
403,690,539 Credits FluffyBeard is online. FluffyBeard Uk EMS Invasion Team
2020-05-11_23_34_37-_general_-_discord 374,635,955 Credits EMS-Chief is offline. EMS-Chief Worldwide Dispatch Services
Fb_img_1474300612891 373,695,252 Credits Grubber33270 is offline. Grubber33270 Great Lakes Public Safety
20106689_10209396121727540_3363111144997694703_n 359,665,917 Credits tylernelson224 is online. tylernelson224 The Syndicate
356,710,270 Credits YoloMcSwaggins is offline. YoloMcSwaggins The Syndicate
911 351,060,422 Credits Shifty277 is offline. Shifty277 Worldwide Dispatch Services
346,209,282 Credits Nic is offline. Nic UK rescue
339,622,817 Credits mjphansen11 is offline. mjphansen11 Worldwide Dispatch Services
333,980,053 Credits JeremyBK40 is offline. JeremyBK40 Worldwide Dispatch Services
331,433,672 Credits Bossman10 is offline. Bossman10 Federal Dispatch Management
328,583,402 Credits njbrondum is offline. njbrondum Louisiana EOC
310,852,917 Credits LBNY is offline. LBNY The Syndicate
309,264,896 Credits firefightervfd is offline. firefightervfd United States Fire Alliance
Cap_avatar 306,847,186 Credits Slarow is offline. Slarow U.S. Emergency Services
303,276,107 Credits boney37 is online. boney37 Australia Emergency Management
295,217,577 Credits Tremonius is offline. Tremonius U.S. Emergency Services
293,026,050 Credits Quint99 is offline. Quint99 Worldwide Dispatch Services
Maryland_emd 283,965,089 Credits Dispatcher853 is offline. Dispatcher853 Worldwide Dispatch Services
282,384,539 Credits TheMasterCop is offline. TheMasterCop Enfield DPS