Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
291,354,104 Credits njbrondum is offline. njbrondum Jefferson and Orleans EOC
289,982,473 Credits youngbuck393 is offline. youngbuck393 SCC911
257,781,474 Credits lopes44 is offline. lopes44 1117 Portugal
Missionchief-logo-code4 245,799,595 Credits dn1013 is offline. dn1013 Code 4
240,634,771 Credits holaf1993 is offline. holaf1993
238,208,067 Credits Beven is offline. Beven U.S. Emergency Services
237,374,715 Credits Joshthemedic is offline. Joshthemedic The Syndicate
235,919,491 Credits Saldanha4 is offline. Saldanha4 1117 Portugal
A875a852af491d776c45b38b353c0211 223,070,337 Credits Aether is offline. Aether U.S. Emergency Services
Fffffffff 220,495,742 Credits TACRfan is offline. TACRfan 999 First Responders
214,028,693 Credits Floogie7 is offline. Floogie7 U.S. Emergency Services
Maryland_emd 208,198,234 Credits Dispatcher853 is offline. Dispatcher853 U.S. National Dispatch
207,818,060 Credits Captaincoric is offline. Captaincoric The Syndicate
Judo 203,416,669 Credits Littlefoot is offline. Littlefoot Scottish Fire Service
0258544570769bb8c9354f73e1337cec 199,661,667 Credits BrooklynDispatch is offline. BrooklynDispatch The Syndicate
911-logo 193,837,037 Credits EmergencyDispatch911 is offline. EmergencyDispatch911 U.S Emergency Alliance
Cafravatar 189,988,600 Credits dinkySMALLS is offline. dinkySMALLS Can-Am First Responders (CAFR)
189,911,074 Credits Jacoby809 is offline. Jacoby809
Preacher_badge 185,872,745 Credits Preacher is offline. Preacher U.S. Emergency Services
181,880,337 Credits akubiak is offline. akubiak United States OEM