Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
309,222,364 Credits firefightervfd is offline. firefightervfd United States Fire Alliance
295,828,580 Credits njbrondum is offline. njbrondum Jefferson and Orleans EOC
294,381,010 Credits Tremonius is offline. Tremonius U.S. Emergency Services
Wizz_badge 272,865,563 Credits WizzLA is offline. WizzLA U.S. Emergency Services
Missionchief-logo-code4 270,982,479 Credits dn1013 is offline. dn1013
259,491,475 Credits Chief-Car-3 is offline. Chief-Car-3 U.S. National Dispatch
257,895,685 Credits lopes44 is offline. lopes44 1117 Portugal
251,551,640 Credits Beven is offline. Beven U.S. Emergency Services
Fb_img_1474300612891 250,026,796 Credits Grubber33270 is offline. Grubber33270 Great Lakes Public Safety
Maryland_emd 249,824,819 Credits Dispatcher853 is offline. Dispatcher853 U.S. National Dispatch
20106689_10209396121727540_3363111144997694703_n 242,623,711 Credits tylernelson224 is online. tylernelson224 The Syndicate
240,634,771 Credits holaf1993 is offline. holaf1993
237,947,924 Credits Joshthemedic is offline. Joshthemedic
236,063,084 Credits Saldanha4 is offline. Saldanha4 1117 Portugal
A875a852af491d776c45b38b353c0211 233,289,926 Credits Aether is offline. Aether U.S. Emergency Services
64527531_2265939206823134_818212998127550464_o 230,438,885 Credits ALF_Condor is offline. ALF_Condor The Syndicate
2020-05-11_23_34_37-_general_-_discord 222,696,873 Credits EMS-Chief is online. EMS-Chief U.S. National Dispatch
Fffffffff 220,515,119 Credits TACRfan is offline. TACRfan 999 First Responders
220,321,918 Credits Captaincoric is offline. Captaincoric
218,726,287 Credits Floogie7 is offline. Floogie7 U.S. Emergency Services