Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
57,351,548 Credits khaught89 is offline. khaught89 U.S. Emergency Services
001_(10) 57,130,288 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
13895284_517551931765046_7127703439620773590_n 57,084,055 Credits ChiefAleksander is offline. ChiefAleksander Norwegian Emergency Services
57,004,388 Credits Jwillard9206 is offline. Jwillard9206 U.S. Emergency Services
Admin 57,002,918 Credits StuartA1984 is offline. StuartA1984 United Nation Responders
56,661,364 Credits apanhas is offline. apanhas 1117 Portugal
Dep-chief2 56,513,821 Credits Ghostshark27 is online. Ghostshark27 U.S. National Dispatch
56,405,971 Credits Bomb43 is offline. Bomb43 Bombeiros da Tuga
56,204,499 Credits wings203 is offline. wings203 911 Emergency Dispatch
55,846,970 Credits JeremyBK40 is online. JeremyBK40 U.S. National Dispatch
Class_66 55,767,713 Credits EFD850 is offline. EFD850 U.S. Emergency Services
55,117,733 Credits snyder25 is offline. snyder25 NE USA Emergency Services
54,846,772 Credits Prieli is offline. Prieli U.S. National Dispatch
Uk_ems 54,623,510 Credits Hailerer26 is offline. Hailerer26 UK Emergency Services
54,593,739 Credits jwallace041111 is offline. jwallace041111 United States Fire Alliance
54,207,286 Credits Smaugboy14 is online. Smaugboy14 Fire And Emergency NZ
54,194,168 Credits Moresti is offline. Moresti U.S. Emergency Services
54,193,645 Credits Jar1 is offline. Jar1 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
54,106,875 Credits Glock499 is offline. Glock499 U.S Emergency Alliance
12392018_10205717892451979_7677635032588031363_n 53,558,692 Credits Pender is offline. Pender U.S. Emergency Services