Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
400,718,058 Credits Nosht82 is offline. Nosht82 Allied Responders
398,746,682 Credits ThomasB is offline. ThomasB Code 4
393,094,953 Credits LBNY is offline. LBNY Fire Department of New York
1481646791_firefighter_2 383,733,267 Credits Amacole is offline. Amacole Allied Responders
382,212,698 Credits jeff2mars is offline. jeff2mars Worldwide Dispatch Services
381,422,621 Credits jacre113 is offline. jacre113 573'S 911 MEMBERS
380,910,139 Credits Elscats2 is online. Elscats2 MissionChief Unofficial (US)
380,676,488 Credits dispatcher-122 is offline. dispatcher-122 Central Jersey Mutual Aid
379,170,140 Credits CookiesandCream is offline. CookiesandCream Allied Responders
377,548,648 Credits Nic is offline. Nic UK rescue
373,443,599 Credits Justin180199 is offline. Justin180199 Worldwide Dispatch Services
Badge_2 364,781,582 Credits Shadowfox617 is online. Shadowfox617 MissionChief Unofficial (US)
884fbe02-d790-4423-8f48-13e45fcc014e 363,549,270 Credits Jrr0083 is offline. Jrr0083 Allied Responders
360,213,126 Credits njm547 is offline. njm547 MissionChief Unofficial (US)
Cap_avatar 360,052,362 Credits Slarow is offline. Slarow U.S. Emergency Services
359,904,748 Credits Beeerick is offline. Beeerick Federal Dispatch Management
359,660,301 Credits Thewickedjay is offline. Thewickedjay Allied Responders
358,426,373 Credits Muzza is online. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
357,453,899 Credits akubiak is offline. akubiak United States OEM
68ed18c2-a443-4761-943e-dc72f24f6a8f 356,385,518 Credits ShieldDown17 is offline. ShieldDown17 Allied Responders