Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
68,872,481 Credits Killinghero is online. Killinghero Can-Am First Responders (CAFR)
68,666,889 Credits PGFEMS8 is offline. PGFEMS8 National Response Team
001_(10) 68,423,195 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason U.S. National Dispatch
Fromtheinternet 67,872,444 Credits Stuck is offline. Stuck BC Fire Trucks
Bobby 67,440,497 Credits BritishBobby is offline. BritishBobby
Emblemat_psp 67,357,111 Credits Zreti345 is online. Zreti345 Poland 112
67,004,748 Credits Gmacd3 is online. Gmacd3 U.S. National Dispatch
7601895 66,746,801 Credits paynehubbs is offline. paynehubbs MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
66,308,353 Credits Marco_ale is offline. Marco_ale NORD ITALIA 112
65,782,013 Credits kb9ora is offline. kb9ora U.S. Emergency Services
Usmc_ega_eagle_globe_and_anchor_plaque_painted 65,681,814 Credits ohiomarine44641 is offline. ohiomarine44641 U.S. National Dispatch
Emergency_1 65,678,878 Credits hawker5 is offline. hawker5 West Coast Recyclers
W722 65,599,182 Credits nickb722 is offline. nickb722 U.S Emergency Division
D0a6749e89dcb7206858e269e6b42040 65,546,048 Credits smooth_c is online. smooth_c U.S. National Dispatch
65,518,373 Credits Moresti is offline. Moresti U.S. Emergency Services
64,722,572 Credits Smaugboy14 is offline. Smaugboy14 Fire And Emergency NZ
S-l300 64,661,998 Credits b17pineapple is offline. b17pineapple United Dispatch Alliance
64,246,521 Credits nasd1066 is offline. nasd1066 United Nation Responders
Untitled 63,668,704 Credits dwillit is offline. dwillit The Thin blue line
63,487,803 Credits JaredKorrie is offline. JaredKorrie