Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
42,083,271 Credits andreab is online. andreab Team112 Italy
42,002,354 Credits Lifesaver is offline. Lifesaver U.S. National Dispatch
41,810,759 Credits Nickthebeast100 is offline. Nickthebeast100 U.S. National Dispatch
41,701,462 Credits nickoli is offline. nickoli United States Fire Alliance
41,624,789 Credits Cooper25 is offline. Cooper25 U.S. National Dispatch
41,520,579 Credits jpinto is offline. jpinto Distrito Leiria
41,482,443 Credits Whiterosecity is offline. Whiterosecity York County Squad
41,106,093 Credits VICFireUK is offline. VICFireUK 999 First Responders
Image 40,882,525 Credits letsgohope12 is offline. letsgohope12 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
Mc_joint_forces 40,578,362 Credits Officer-Grimm is offline. Officer-Grimm U.S. Emergency Services
40,498,009 Credits raf is offline. raf
40,486,708 Credits nickscott5262 is offline. nickscott5262 Central Ohio J Fire district
40,363,683 Credits Lonemadwolf is offline. Lonemadwolf
40,206,113 Credits WNYfirefighter is offline. WNYfirefighter New York State Area Alliance
13895284_517551931765046_7127703439620773590_n 39,962,942 Credits ChiefAleksander is offline. ChiefAleksander Norwegian Emergency Services
39,833,420 Credits Burlone312 is offline. Burlone312 The Brotherhood
39,497,855 Credits Hqueen94 is offline. Hqueen94 First Responders Gaming
39,356,211 Credits Doc_FRG is offline. Doc_FRG First Responders Gaming
39,281,138 Credits stablum96 is offline. stablum96 Italia Emergenze
Balloonstickiesplusimage 39,226,576 Credits redaddar is offline. redaddar Central Dispatch Chicago