Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
88172113-6629-4ed5-a44b-8ba5be529cd1 129,867,400 Credits WannabeChief is offline. WannabeChief
128,072,164 Credits TXCountyFF51 is offline. TXCountyFF51 Ole Texas Firefighters Group
127,697,359 Credits ChiefAustin is online. ChiefAustin U.S. National Dispatch
Sja3 126,714,109 Credits me181 is offline. me181 European Emergency Services
Console 125,802,366 Credits camhesse1 is offline. camhesse1 WARD Fire Alliance
125,190,621 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
397aa83c-d01c-4e8a-8c87-b6c1fcfb6979 125,068,050 Credits Smooth_C is online. Smooth_C U.S. National Dispatch
Pink_and_blue_engine 124,872,747 Credits TheNorCalGangster is offline. TheNorCalGangster
E52ef235-23ac-42ce-9a86-ca0aefad8926 124,319,344 Credits Moresti is online. Moresti U.S. Emergency Services
122,884,161 Credits Emcio is offline. Emcio Poland 112
122,863,583 Credits Styer505 is offline. Styer505 U.S. National Dispatch
122,606,018 Credits Bigstu17 is offline. Bigstu17 UK Emergency Services
122,433,962 Credits tpeard is offline. tpeard GVCC - Order out of Chaos
121,988,339 Credits Playmo94 is offline. Playmo94 UK Incident Response Group
Aes_logo_final 121,986,757 Credits PommyGranate is offline. PommyGranate Australia Emergency Services
120,770,576 Credits yesboh is offline. yesboh SoCAL JPA
120,555,467 Credits YoloMcSwaggins is online. YoloMcSwaggins The Syndicate
120,153,454 Credits wings203 is offline. wings203 911 Emergency Dispatch
118,492,192 Credits firedaddy32 is offline. firedaddy32 Speedwell Fire
118,026,804 Credits CaptK_HVFD15 is offline. CaptK_HVFD15 U.S. National Dispatch