Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
1,443,909,134 Credits MedicMarris is offline. MedicMarris First Responders Elite
1,382,357,416 Credits anightinmyhammock is online. anightinmyhammock First Responders Elite
1,372,372,444 Credits LCBD is offline. LCBD Oregon Dispatch
1,367,965,128 Credits daenpu is offline. daenpu Allied Responders
Uses_badge_lt 1,327,603,280 Credits Brett620 is offline. Brett620 U.S. Emergency Services
87fe47613b9f678e5d99544f219c6ea9-128 1,307,108,944 Credits wolfman450 is offline. wolfman450 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
64527531_2265939206823134_818212998127550464_o 1,302,005,641 Credits ALF_Condor is offline. ALF_Condor Allied Responders
1,299,827,579 Credits QueenFay is online. QueenFay U.S. Emergency Services
1,247,030,501 Credits jeanettekent is online. jeanettekent MissionChief Unofficial (US)
Screenshot_20221109-185037_gallery 1,243,420,295 Credits Tami1004 is offline. Tami1004 First Responders Elite
1,232,430,344 Credits MOCOFIREEMS is offline. MOCOFIREEMS Arizona and West Coast elite
32f9a60f-6606-48de-83be-e8227cefd4ec 1,225,617,336 Credits mdarling6 is offline. mdarling6 Allied Responders
Kkkk 1,221,816,988 Credits ChiefBreezy is offline. ChiefBreezy Worldwide Dispatch Services
South-park-s10e08c05-the-slaughter-16x9 1,221,507,518 Credits XxX-Freshdachs-XxX is offline. XxX-Freshdachs-XxX First Responders Elite
1,220,857,286 Credits Justin180199 is online. Justin180199 Worldwide Dispatch Services
1,178,401,372 Credits Jersey is offline. Jersey U.S. Emergency Services
1,176,717,085 Credits mbj047 is offline. mbj047
1,159,460,223 Credits SlowLNF is offline. SlowLNF First Responders Elite
1,154,352,521 Credits DemoRanch is online. DemoRanch Allied Responders
Tml 1,130,012,209 Credits Cahjo is offline. Cahjo NL Rescue USA