Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Fc0719f0-3e49-4999-ac29-952b09f0ab11 198,512,371 Credits Faolan is offline. Faolan Worldwide Dispatch Services
197,389,041 Credits GurkaCreed is offline. GurkaCreed U.S. Emergency Services
Srfecc2 194,724,729 Credits MikeIndiaKiloEcho is offline. MikeIndiaKiloEcho National Emergency Response
194,308,464 Credits KYEmergencyServices is offline. KYEmergencyServices IA of Emergency Chiefs
Me 193,645,959 Credits DukeStarhammer is online. DukeStarhammer Mountain Region Emergency
191,436,615 Credits Fogest is online. Fogest Worldwide Dispatch Services
189,206,840 Credits Doki_NEF is offline. Doki_NEF The Syndicate
188,915,260 Credits Fay is online. Fay U.S. Emergency Services
187,506,609 Credits Hutchinson is offline. Hutchinson Sourkrauts
186,980,127 Credits Code3_Arlington is offline. Code3_Arlington Yah Yeet
184,251,456 Credits ThreeRedline is offline. ThreeRedline U.S. Emergency Services
182,116,123 Credits SirRavenDude is online. SirRavenDude The Mended Drum
177,130,756 Credits Phoenixegmh is online. Phoenixegmh The Mended Drum
175,088,078 Credits yesboh is offline. yesboh SoCAL JPA
174,434,599 Credits Sherlock0815 is offline. Sherlock0815 U.S. Emergency Services
171,135,951 Credits palmulli is online. palmulli Worldwide Dispatch Services
166,600,195 Credits Muzza is offline. Muzza Fire and Emergency NZ
166,490,843 Credits jeff2mars is offline. jeff2mars Office Of Emergency Management
165,886,342 Credits pkmason is offline. pkmason Worldwide Dispatch Services
165,680,793 Credits Mulder is offline. Mulder Sourkrauts